Exploring Turkey

So much more than old meets new. Way beyond East meets West. The land known as Turkiye offers visitors an unforgettable travel experience. Now you can enjoy the country’s many treasures without having to leave home. Ebru TV presents–Exploring Turkiye.

This weekly series takes you through one nation spanning two continents. Take in soaring scenery, centuries of history, mouthwatering cuisine, and a mix of cultures like none other. Shop the bazaars of old Istanbul. Witness olive oil wrestling in modern Edirne. Live it up with jet-setters along the Turkish Mediterranean. Or tour breathtaking churches, mosques, and the homes of Biblical prophets in places with names like Ephesus and Sanli-Urfa. Of course, real adventure means getting to know the places and the people. It’s about taking part in local customs and traditions.
Exploring Turkiye– where the journey is as fascinating as the destination.